AIPC – 2019

2019 Conference Photos

AIPC 2019 – Sessions

Session 1
Speaker: A.H

Session 2
The Gospel Produces the Church
Speaker: A.D

Session 3
When Shepherds Hurt the Bride
Speaker: Arvind Balaram

Session 4
Ecclesiology 2
Speaker: A. H

Session 5
Rulers in Heavenly Places
Speaker: A. D

Session 6
Ecclesiology 3
Speaker: A. H

Session 7
Our Worship Among the Powers
Speaker: A. D

Session 8
Spurring the Bride to Love One Another
Speaker: Stephen David

Session 9
Ecclesiology 4
Speaker: A. H

Session 10
Educating the Powers
Speaker: A. D

Session 11
Why the Bride Should Pursue Unity?
Speaker: Harshit Singh